4 Action doesn't want to miss out on
co-operation with another famous Entrepreneur

We all need support when a business is blossoming and every penny counts - having a little bit of support is vital

4 ACTION Ltd is a new company and though we support charities we are not one of them.
Gaining new customers for you is a major factor for our growth and success as well. We are
flexible enough to offer a wide range of services. We have clients that grew over the years
and each time they grow we benefit from it.

Google's success would not be possible without Yahoo!'s investment.

We believe "Expansion" and "growth" are the main keywords to describe online businesses

Your success is our success and marketing companies should know that best

We build our relationship with companies over years - we know that the long term
relationship is very important. We have been through bad times with some of our customers.
The "dot com crash" showed people the right expansion for the web. The creation of online
services established on good offline and backstage foundation and supported during later
years by fast expansion of Broadband services can earn huge money for their owners. Sales
transactions of the social services and online applications like Delicious, Youtube (take over
worth over 800mln USD) or Writely showed great value of those services which started as an
invention of people passionate about their vision. We are also bunch of passionate individuals
and we believe that there is even more online entrepreneurs to come.

Free consultation is our one-off service and it does not have to be basic

If you have a start-up business but lack money, this service will give you a quick overview which can help you to determine your strategy in relation to the web. You can have this consultation even if you have no website yet. If you are an inventor with great ideas but no money, we can help you to let people, and what's more investors, know about your brilliant ideas. Talk to us for more information.
For larger companies this service can be used as a mini audit to specify your current position in the market and to point to possible areas of improvement. For the future it can be easily extended to a fully qualified service with a full printed version of the audit.
Technologies and Techniques:

from Free

  • online marketing startup plan
  • online market report
  • techniques and strategy overview
Polpular extensions for this Action:
  • Full website Audit

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