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There are still a few companies out there that concentrate on Search Engine Optimisation
telling you it is essential to be on the first page of Google or Yahoo! - yet for many companies
that operate in competitive sectors this is not reachable with their budget (unless they use
advertising programs). Thankfully for us all, there are not many of them now. As most people
have already realised, social services are able to produce for you much more targeted,
valuable traffic than being first page on the Search Engines for a keyword which generates
huge traffic but no customers at all. Real customers are looking for opinions about the product,
services or company before they decide where if yet to invest their money. It is highly unlikely
that someone will decide to buy shoes after typing the phrase" nice shoes" in any of the
search engines. In this case the entire image, usability and other subjective factors (including
the emotional situation) drives the customer's decision. You can be there on the first page of
Google results for your favourite keyword with thousands of visits, thousands of £££ spent
and with a sale level of £100.

ONline SEARCH in the form that we use Most
often will SOON Disappear

There was no better thing for Internet than
the "dot com crash"

There used to be a time in the beginning of the 21st century when apart from a very few
forums, Search Engines created opinions. Being on the top of the Search for many people
equalled 'this website is good'. This does not apply any longer. Websites Made for
Adsense (MFA) destroyed the quality of search. Now when we navigate away from an
unsuccessful searchwe realise we need again an independent opinion, a human look on the
subject or geographical reference for our search effort. This is where Social Media,
vertical search engines and Local Search services entered the stage. This is why we created
4 Unique Approach which covers all the issues conected to converting your money to visitors
and visitors to customers. In reply to a couple of questions which we recieved lately - yes it is
true, you can increase your sales by 1000% or more during 12 months.
If we were be asked about the future, we would say that the web will evolve during the
next couple of years far beyond Web 2.0. It took several years of highly automated web
services which were so popular a couple of years ago to change after the “Dot com crash”.
New services based on editors - human beings, open source movement emerged from nowhere
and they are about to shape the web for another couple of years to come.

4 Unique Approach building your company online

This is our most advanced service. This does not mean it has to be the most expensive - similar to our other services we can fit it to your budget. The complexity of this service makes it a long term project but the output can be incredible. This service complies with all possible guidelines to make sure your website works for you. We use here a set of advanced techniques which help to keep your service up to date with the latest trends, guidelines and specifications from search engine companies and internet organisations and authorities (W3C, WAI, Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc.). This service may require additional online developments which will be agreed prior to the project start. Often this service also requires us to create a website's audit prior to the service or after 12 months as this is the best form of checking the website's "health condition"

Technologies and Techniques: Depends on budget but in general all available at the time.

Can vary depends on speed of development and level of service. low management fee with additional progresive payment system.

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  • Creation of the new targeted online services

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