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What you create in the beginning can pay you double
in the future

As a classic core of Internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also the best
recognised part of online marketing. Search Engine Optimisation is used to improve visibility of
the website in Search Engines. 4 Action offers SEO as a part of each package. Our Search
Engine Optimisation services are designed to keep your website compliant with the latest
changes so it can continuously perform in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The trickiest
part of this service is to determine which of the keywords are the best to optimise the site for.

During recent years, UK spending on online advertising doubled overall to about 2 billion in
2006 (according to Advertising Association). This increase gave online advertising 4th position
with 10.6% share in the market. With no doubts the biggest players in Internet advertising
are search engine companies Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask. They determine the look of
the Internet to the degree that when many experts warn about the subject and refer,
for example, to Googlenet instead of Internet. They believe that Search Engine Politics
can be questionable and far from an objective view.

Non of the great things happened overnight

Latest trends in search engines, change perception
of the Web

New technologies used on the web and fastest Internet connections allow search engines to
serve better results and implement new services. Three Search Engine Giants implementation
began to change the way we search for information. New geographical and vertical searches
are responsible for more accurate searches. Also on the advertising arena, changes take
place after accusations about poor click fraud detection. Google now is testing a
PPA (Pay-Per-Action) advertising model which is about to be released for broader users soon.

4 Instant Results and search engines promotion action

In this section we offer two main services which create the core of the Search engine promotion. SEM with the main PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign and linking campaign (banners, directories etc.). SEM is a good way of introducing targeted traffic almost immediately. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of techniques used to improve directly visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) for particular set of keywords. Projects connected to SEO are usually long term and result in adding great value to the website.

Technologies and Techniques used directly for SEM and SEO manipulation:

Can vary depends on speed of development and level of service. Usually during set-up fixed-price retainer services are available.

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