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Word of mouth, referral programs, and all other tools of Guerilla Marketing are now broadly available on the web. Unsolicited mail was one of the first tools used by Guerilla marketers.
This is the main problem with online promotion in community based services. Similar to
Search Engines, those websites get noticed by spammers. Services like Digg, Delicious and
Wikipedia are treated as a playfield for Guerilla marketers. Thankfully most of those services
have strong communities which are able to eliminate spammers. Our 4 Ethical Techniques
service is created with a sensible approach which rather than spamming, our overwhelming
technique service creates your positive online image - and helps you
to build the strong brand.

Social Media and Community websites - a tricky place to advertise

Bad news spreads in a community about three times
faster than good news

If you want to play the marketing game with the online community you have to be ready for
all sorts of situations. Social Media Marketing can be one of the most effective ways of
targeting customers. However if your company is present on the Social media websites,
it is very likely that your competitors are also there among other members of services like
Delicious, Blogger or YouTube. If your product, services or company is giving the right signals
which match with your promises success will marginalize your competitors counteractions.
If, however, the message is diferent from reality, it is very likely that your image will suffer.
It is then an Ethical Service for an Ethical company.

4 Ethical Techniques - social media and online promotion with a sensible approach

This is a service which can create a lot of satisfaction. Brand building, guru efect creation are only a couple of techniques which help to make your website more popular then ever before. With a great tie up between Internet and broadcasting media, gaining in the offline world is also scope for this project. However to make this marketing work we have to implement not only Social Media Optimisation services but also closely cooperate with the customer on Public Relation issues.

Technologies and Techniques:
Online/and limited Offline/SMM/SMO/PR

Usually involves fixed monthly payment and additional payments for audio, video production and implementation.

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